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6 Best Eateries in Cameron Highland

6 Best Eateries in Cameron Highland

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You may already know that an Asian-style steamboat is the best dish in Cameron Highlands! But, as it turns out, there’s more to Cameron Highlands cuisine than meets the eye. Surprisingly, there is a wide range of cuisines available up here, including Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malay, and Western! Bring your appetite to one of these locations to sample some of Cameron Highlands’ best cuisine after a long exhausting day at work looking for custom website developers in Malaysia


The Dining Room

  • The Dining Room

This restaurant at Cameron Highlands Resort welcomes guests with a view of the adjacent golf course and surrounding green hills. The soothing candlelight warmed the room as night descended, and the shimmering light was mirrored in the windows, which had previously been a green panorama. Breakfast and dinner are offered here, and the atmosphere is sophisticated and laid-back in the evening. Breakfast is served daily at Cameron Highlands Resort’s restaurant, which features fresh pancakes, fruits and yoghurt, pastries, eggs, cereals, and other western breakfast delicacies to offer a pleasant start to your day! If you dine in a sunny restaurant, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view of verdant hilltops and brilliant green golf courses!


  • Uncle Chow Kopitiam

Cameron Highlands, unlike many other parts of Malaysia, lacks a vibrant Kopitiam culture. This Malaysian-style coffee business in Tanah Rata is managed by an old Chinese couple. Breakfast and lunch are also available for a reasonable price. For a local-style breakfast, Culture Trip recommends kueh teow soup, nasi lemak, or curry mee. RM8 gets you a Western set with eggs, toast, and tea or coffee. There are also vegetarian options. Uncle Chow is routinely rated as one of Cameron Highlands’ best restaurants for vacationing residents. And if Malaysians say it’s good, you can be sure it’s real!


  • Delicious & Happiness Kitchen

Delicious & Happiness Kitchen is a local favourite go-to in Cameron for good, authentic Chinese food! Because they don’t have an English menu, have a server recommend some local favourites like herbal pork ribs, asam prawns, or sweet and sour chicken if your Chinese is rusty. Whatever you order, you will be completely satisfied!


  • Singh Chapati Urban Restaurant

Tanah Rata is home to the Singh Chapati Urban Restaurant. Waze will direct you to your destination. North Indian cuisine is served at Singh Chapati Urban Restaurant. The restaurant’s ambience is warm and inviting as if it were a home. It appears to be run by the family. As a result, the food is entirely prepared at home. You can order Mutton Briyani, Chicken Briyani, Masala Tea, Chicken Butter Masala and Regular Paratha there because those are the most popular meals.

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  • Strawberry Moment Dessert Café

This delightful dessert bar is a must-see elegant establishment that serves a wide range of delectable sweet treats. In the cool, well-ventilated café, sample delectable desserts such as strawberry strudel, mango cheesecake, tri-coloured fruit yoghurt, and strawberry tea – they’re just enticing.


  • Barracks Café

Tanah Rata’s Barracks Café is designed to look like an army barracks and is encircled by a flower garden. The café serves scones, cakes, and a variety of teas, as well as Western and Indian cuisine. Order creamy lamb masala, chicken chop or fish teriyaki for a satisfying meal after hiking.

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