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6 Deadliest Food On The Planet

6 Deadliest Food On The Planet

Foods are eaten to give our body the nutrients it needs to sustain our body in our day to day lives. However some food might be deadly and will kill you instead. We’re not talking about fast food, these are foods that if improperly prepared will become deadly. They are considered a delicacy in their respective country but the question is, is it truly worth the risk to taste the kinds of foods? Here are some of the deadliest foods on the planet.

Japan’s Fugu Puffer Fish

The Japanese fugu, commonly known as blowfish, is a rare Japanese delicacy. There is no problem eating this strange creature if the fish, and the dish, are properly prepared. But if the fish is poorly cooked you are likely to die. The danger is that Fugu produces a tetrodotoxin that can bind your muscles, and prevent you from inhaling air. Slicing the fish improperly, the toxin inside the fish will be released. There is, unfortunately, no cure. To very few people Fugu was their last meal, but this was not their original purpose.

Korea’s Sannakji Octopus

Is it possible to get choked by your own food? Yes, yes it is. For those that love seafood, the famous wiggling octopus in Sannakji might be the perfect treat. You can get them in Korea’s fish markets, but you ought to be incredibly vigilant — these octopuses are eaten while the animal is still alive and moving. They were able to get their tentacles and suction cups around diners’ necks and will choke them to death. Well sometimes our food also gets their revenge.

Namibia’s BullFrogs

If you go to Namibia, be vigilant while indulging in one of the nation’s culinary specialties, the giant bullfrog, where the famous actress, Angelina Jolie, had her first child.. The threat arises anytime a tad too young appears to be one of the selected frogs for supper. Such “premature” bullfrogs, those who haven’t been grown into an adult yet, contain a toxin that may trigger acute renal damage. That’s  quite a big price to pay for a quick meal. 

Africa’s Ackee Fruit

The fruit and plant that originated from Africa somehow made its way to Jamaica. It is a common fruit that is eaten raw or mixed with traditional dishes. It might seem like a harmless fruit but poison is contained inside the large black seed of the fruit. The poison, hypoglycin could trigger extreme vomiting if ingested, and situations, coma or even your own death in worse cases.


Mushrooms can be wonderful served with garlic and butter, or with a tangy pasta sauce. Yet the consequences may be fatal for people who go into the forest to pick wild mushrooms on their own as it is possible for them to pick the wrong variety, the fatal variety. These poisonous mushrooms, commonly known as toadstools, contain poisons that can render a human really ill, and maybe end their lives. Just know what kind of champignon you are choosing and follow them with a professional guide

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The Italian Casu Marzu Cheese

Casu Marzu is maybe the world’s most deadly cheese. The Italian cheese, also known as “rotten cheese,” is being left out for days in the open. Cheese flies bumble down and lay their eggs inside the cheese. The hatch of the larvae, the maggots come out and consume some of the cheese and the fermentation cycle hastened.Nowadays it is considered illegal to produce the cheese, but the people of Sardinia still consume it anyway. The maggots often survive in the human body thus inflicting significant health issues, such as constant vomiting and diarrhea. If you look on the bright side however you do get an extra bit of protein eating this common delicacy.


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