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How to Know If Someone is Cheating in Poker

How to Know If Someone is Cheating in Poker


Poker is a classic gambling game. Some of us have been playing it since we were a child- but without the gambling part of course. Poker also involves cheating, as in all games. When it comes to betting, people just want cash to be saved and stacked up. The behaviours and practices of cheating in Poker also increased as society became selfish. Even the number of people who cheat is rising day after day.


The cheating method in the Poker game is a little difficult to find out. It also involves chance and opportunity outside strategies. When chance comes into play, we will be deeply confused, and we will end up nowhere, even though we doubt our group’s cheater out. But that doesn’t mean there’s no way of finding the person who cheats.

How do you know they’re not cheating?

What are you going to do to identify actions that mark them as cheating? Here are several ways to tell if someone is cheating in Poker.

Played Long Hours

This really only applies to online poker, but you could tell someone is cheating by seeing how long they have been playing online. Long hours as in really long like more than 18 hours or so. When you find that someone has been able to play for a long time, they may be a bot that is software specifically programmed to play poker.


Weekends and holidays may affect the length of time someone can play, so make sure they have some other bot features. If you accused a human being of being a bot and ruined their long weekend in which they wanted to marathon some poker, you probably would feel pretty terrible.


This only applies to online poker as well. When you find someone is using the same pattern all the time, there’s a possibility they are a bot and not a human being. Of course, as with everything else, exhibit some discretion before reporting a bot to someone. Also, examine their playing habits to see if they are the same across a variety of different scenarios.

The people who build bots are smart but they can’t compensate for every possible combination of poker programs. When you see repeatedly making the same error, there’s a greater chance that they’re a bot.

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Some patterns are not wrong, for starters, don’t start reporting players for generic blackjack strategies. The patterns must be consistent and tailored to a specific situation. Then, maybe you got a bot.

Players Who Always Sit At The Same Table

This is a common indication of both online and live poker cheating, but in online poker, it is somewhat more concerning. In real life, going to a poker room with a friend or two is pretty normal so sitting together and chatting at the table is not a sign of poker cheating. It is an opportunity to see whether they make identical hand movements, eye moments or frequently using the same words.

Thus, if there are always two players at the same table, there is a fair possibility that this is deliberate. Given that you do not know what those two players are doing outside the game, you think they are cheating then going to another table is not a bad idea.

Sadly, there’s nothing you can claim but you can choose to leave to be safe.

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