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How to Maintain Your Mechanical Watch?

How to Maintain Your Mechanical Watch?

Avoid close contact with chemicals.

Never use powerful chemicals when cleaning your watch. As much as possible, ask advice from your jewelry cleaner before putting anything on it. Even the most common cologne or perfume can damage leather watch bands, and cause it to weaken and tear.

Don’t open the mechanical watch all by yourself.

There are things only your watchmaker can do. Leave all the watch repair and service to the professionals. Opening it all by yourself will expose it to dirt, dust and other harmful particles that can damage its watch movement.

Read the watch manual religiously.

Mechanical watches in Malaysia come with a manual upon purchase. These kinds of watches need extra care and love for it to last for many decades. If you are thinking of passing your timepiece down to your children and grandchildren, you need to take watch care seriously. Maintaining an heirloom watch would require additional work and effort.

Clean your mechanical watch as often as possible.

Get a soft cloth, and then wipe it down your watch band and case. This will remove any dust or dirt gently. To loosen all of the dirt, feel free to soak your watch in water and soap every two months. Again, you can learn more about watch maintenance by reading your manual. For a more thorough cleaning session, you need to have it serviced regularly.

Don’t expose your mechanical watch to magnetic fields.

Do you know that placing your watch near a magnet can negatively impact its performance? Store it in a safe, clean place away from magnets to avoid problems.

Know your mechanical watch’s water resistance level.

Many newbie watch wearers and collectors are clueless about the water resistance limits of their watches. If the timepiece is resistant up to 50 meters, don’t wear it while snorkeling. The instant change in pressure will surely be too much for it to handle. 

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