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Is Poker a Really Easy Game to Play?

Is Poker a Really Easy Game to Play?

A staple in both land-based casinos and online casinos, poker and any variation of it, is definitely something that people play a lot these days. The reason is that it is a simple game to follow and there are a set of strategies players can implement to increase their chances of winning.

Of course, to answer the title of the topic, yes, the game is actually very easy to play. I will talk about the basics and some strategies that you need to know to somehow elevate your odds of winning it all. Do keep in mind that to get better at this game, one must continue to practice their skills and refine them when needed.

The Basic Rules

Keep in mind that there are many variations of poker in that there are some differences in the rules. But, for the most part, it should remain relatively the same in that you will have to form your own card combination. A typical Texas Hold’em game, for example, would have you create your own 5-card combination from the cards that are dealt to you.

The stud version of the game is another popular variant of poker. You could either play the five or seven-card stud and the rules are largely the same, albeit the number of cards used is different.

For instance, in 5-card stud poker, you will be dealt a number of cards until you can create your own five (or seven) card hand. The player who bets more than the others wins the game. In the event that the same amount of bets is made, the one with the better hand wins it all.

Draw poker is another variation with an interesting set of rules. The players will still receive their five cards and every round of betting allows them to either trade cards from their hand from any cards remaining in the deck if they so desired.

What Happens During the Round of Betting?

New players may not be familiar with this but every time you are dealt a card, a round of betting happens before the phase is executed.

This simply means that you are going to make moves that will either help you stay in the game or forfeit the game entirely. Here are some of the moves that you can make:

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1. Check

Also known as the pass, a player can decide to check if no one has increased the previous wager. The player who does this still remains in the game.

2. Call

A player can choose to call if a wager was made during the round of betting. A call is basically where the player matches the wager for them to stay in the next round.

3. Raise

The raise is similar to the call except that instead of matching the previous wager, you are actually raising the stakes, so to speak. This is done by a player if they have a good hand.

4. Fold

A player that is not confident with their hand can choose to forfeit the game by folding.

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