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Materials That Will be Used by Architects in 2022

Materials That Will be Used by Architects in 2022

The way architects approach construction has changed due to technological advancements. Buildings could be taller and bridges could be wider thanks to the use of reinforced concrete and metal. Better design and city construction will be possible because of these technological advancements like building materials online Malaysia.

Here are the materials we foresee impacting architecture in 2022.

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass News speaks to John Kooymans |

The use of laminated glass in architecture is causing quite a stir. Innovative adaptive technologies are driving the demand for laminated glass. The façade of many contemporary offices is made entirely of glass. Noise and brightness scare some individuals, although laminated glass minimizes both.

Laminated glass reduces noise both coming in and going out. To change the direction of the sun, tinted glass and matching shades may be utilized. In addition, it protects you from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Laminated glass may be used for a variety of purposes by architects, including doors, side panels, windows, shelves, and even wall structures.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass Malaysia - REV Interactive SmartGlass Manufacturer

The use of glass in building is also getting more sophisticated as manufacturers combine functionality with aesthetics to achieve total virtual control over the glass. The main characteristic of smart glass is its dynamic window tinting control. Glass that changes from transparent to opaque at the push of a button or even a link to an app may provide privacy when needed. This kind of glass is often seen both inside and out. Another type of Smart Glass uses electricity to color the glass. This kind of glass may change color depending on the amount of light and weather exposure. In order to minimize solar heat input and glare, blinds or other indoor shading devices are no longer required.


Properties and Uses of Plastics as a Construction Material - The Constructor

As the sustainability movement gains traction, architects are on the lookout for environmentally appropriate construction materials. In comparison to traditional plastics, bioplastics are more recent innovations. Stuttgart was the first city in the world to use bioplastic in construction. Scientists, architects, technologists, and environmentalists come together in a bioplastic building. Building cladding, structural components, and other components are increasingly being constructed using bioplastics instead of traditional materials.

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Renewable Energy

People Power: 19 Public Buildings that Generate Renewable Energy | ArchDaily

It’s no secret that construction materials may help with energy distribution today. The Solar Roof tiles developed by Tesla, for example, collect solar energy and store it for usage in a home. To put it simply, the glass-based tiles replace the whole roof.

These materials may be used by architects to design more energy-efficient structures. In addition to encouraging environmentally friendly designs and sustainability, which this industry sorely needs.

Architecture in 2022

In the year 2022, there will be a change. The fact that we’re two years into a new decade signals a new beginning in the design world. With today’s materials, you may reinvent design to help the environment or test the boundaries of your own personal style.

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