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Simple Tips to Choose the Right Watch for Your Exact Wrist Size

Simple Tips to Choose the Right Watch for Your Exact Wrist Size

Buying a new watch is an awesome experience. A watch is an investment, so you need to take it seriously. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure to do extensive research first. There are tons of men’s watches in Malaysia. You wouldn’t want to get stressed and confused.

A watch is part of every outfit. If you want the watch to look good on you, you must dress appropriately for your body shape. Prioritize watch sizing. Of course, it must perfectly fit your wrist size.

For Very Thin Wrists

A watch that is not bought with accurate proportions in mind is not a good investment. If you have a small wrist, find a watch that is a perfect fit. Aim for a size of around 34mm. Anything that is too big, won’t look good, and wouldn’t feel comfortable.

34mm may seem small compared to other men’s pieces, but trust me, that is an appropriate size. Just don’t get a child or feminine watch version.

For Slender Wrists

For those wrists which are a bit bigger, it is highly recommended to keep the watch case thin, while increasing the diameter. The highly recommended size is 38mm to 40mm. Since much lower arms are a bit thinner, see to it that case thickness won’t exceed 7mm to 8mm. A larger size would stick out on your wrist.

Medium Wrists

There are tons of choices out there for men with medium-sized wrists. Though, there are still some rules you must consider. Just like with men with smaller wrists, don’t wear bigger dials. You need to play it safe, and settle for around 40mm.

You need to follow many rules when it comes to watch wearing and buying, but don’t forget to enjoy a variety of straps and bracelets. Compared to leather options, metal clasp bracelets are a bit chunkier . If you have a medium-sized wrist, you are free to experiment without the risking any skewed proportions.

Thick Wrists

It may look masculine and awesome, but big wrists and forearms don’t give you license to wear any type of watch you like. After all, size doesn’t always equate to instant good style. If you have big wrists, the best decision is to settle for a 42mm diameter case. This will give you tons of room for more watch details and chronographs. 

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