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The Daily Use Of The Internet 

The Daily Use Of The Internet 

Today, we have come to a point in our life we simply cease to exist without the use of the internet. It has a huge impact on our life and its importance is only growing more and more prevalent. Ever since the pandemic, the way we have consumed the internet has also completely changed. It went from being used consistently to endlessly and all day. Every day we run into some cause that would make us jump for the internet. Whether it is to look up a recipe online or buy some groceries for your home, the internet is the way to do it. Without the internet, much of th amenities we got in the pandemic would not have been there. 

Frankly, it may have been also impossible to control the spread of the virus without the internet. It was used by government bodies all over the world to do contact tracing, help people recognize their symptoms, report to relevant authorities, understand cluster formations, and the list goes on. While in pandemic as public citizens, we did our dutiful job on the internet: Online shopping. Without the power of the internet, many business owners and retail shops would have been out of business but because of the internet, they are thriving. 

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways we use the internet in our daily life. 

Socialize And Connect With One Another 

The Internet made is a hundred times easier for us to connect with our loved ones, and spend time with our friends even if they are hundreds of miles away. The Internet also gave us the medium to spend more time socializing without having to go out, simply with the popularization of social media. Sharing our daily life and anecdotes became so much easier and it also became a way to cope with the loneliness of the pandemic. Many people found the comfort of online strangers who became friends on the internet to cope with their own mental illnesses and fuel their productivity. 

Consume Entertainment 

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With unlimited data from unifi 300mbps packages, many were able to enjoy entertainment services endlessly. From television series to world-famous movies starring Jennifer Aniston or binge-watching on the latest friend reunion, we are welcomed in a world of entertainment with the help of the internet. People consumed Netflix, TikTok, youtube, and so many others to relieve their boredom. 

Internet is also important to us as our roles as students, business owners, or even homeowners. They keep us inspired, connected to so many like-minded people, and give us content that promotes innovation in us. The internet has become a constant source of motivation for many venturing into their own productions, content creation, and technology developments. People build awesome websites, create podcasts, even their own movies. They develop apps, learn graphics, do programming and so many more. Skills get developed and honed as a result of the internet. Making friends become easier as we improve our digital literacy using the internet in our everyday life. 


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