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Types Of Gamblers

Types Of Gamblers

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Just like there are many types of games at casinos, there are also different types of gamblers. Maybe you might be wondering what types of gamblers are you? Well, you should read more of this article to discover which types of gamblers are you. Whether you are playing at the casino or an online casino like Malaysia slot game, these types of gamblers will still be accurate to you because it tells how your personality is when you are gambling. 

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Professional Gamblers 


You might be surprised upon knowing that there’s a professional gambler. Well, if you are surprised by this chances are you are definitely not a professional gambler. A professional gambler is someone that makes this activity their career and their main source of living. They know all about the system of gambling and they’re way ahead of these systems and that is why there are being categorized as professional gamblers. To be a professional gambler is not easy because you need to have patience, self-control, intelligence, and willpower. Some of the famous professional gamblers of all time are Edward Thorp, Bill Benter and, Archie Karas. These are well-known names when it comes to professional gambling. 


Casual Social Gamblers 


This is the type where most people can relate with. This is, they usually go to the casino or any online website where they can gamble just for fun. This group of people will usually spend a moderate amount of money or they’ll just bet a small amount of money when they’re watching football games or something. Basically, they only gamble for fun and they’ll usually don’t mind if they win or lose. They are only there to have a good time and socializing with people and that is why most people can relate with these types of gamblers because they’re definitely like this. 


Serious Social Gamblers 


What is the difference between this type and the other type? Well, the difference is that casual social gamblers are usually someone that gambles for fun and they have other healthy coping mechanisms when they’re sad or feeling down. While a serious social gambler is someone that sees gambling as their coping mechanism. Throughout time, this type of people may lead to a more serious issue because they see gambling as their only way to cope with problems with life. 


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Relief and Escape Gamblers 


These are the type of people where you can see at the casino that they’re constantly emotional. Gambling is supposed to be a fun and exciting activity, but this type of group will usually gamble when they’re sad, depressed, or feeling down. And that is why they’ll usually have low chances of winning because gambling is all about being able to make the right decision and when you are emotional you have no way of making the right and correct decisions. 


Conservative Gamblers 


Conservative gamblers are usually those that are gambling for the first time and the only reason why they’re trying it out is that they want to experience the whole experience of gambling once in their lifetime. They’ll usually have no problem whether they win or lose and they’ll have no problems when it comes to self-control and stoping themselves. 

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