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Using Social Media For Your Roofing Business

Using Social Media For Your Roofing Business

The future of roofing businesses looks very promising and full of digitization. They are taking on 3D printing, virtual reality, and even robotics in various stages of the roofing business. Digitization should not only be limited to the groundwork but also the work we do to improve the customer’s experience and journey, starting from their awareness stage to action stages. A customer’s first impression today might be through social media. Many businesses use social media to solidify their awareness in the minds of the customer. Without social media, many businesses fail to make a lasting impression that is both memorable as well as reliable for the customer. 

Using social media has a lot of benefits for a roofing business. For example, some perks of social media utilization include improving the brand image, increasing brand recognition, generating leads and converting them to sales, giving exceptional customer service, reach out to a more targeted audience, help your business segment customers and understand new customer trends. Social media makes connectivity so much easier as well. Unlike a website or a blog optimized for smartphones, which only pops up if the customer searches for the right keywords like metal roofing Malaysia, social media allows the business to reach its audience in a much more directed manner. Blogs or websites also don’t allow for two-way communication which is the biggest selling point of using social media for businesses. Customers are more likely to listen to you if you are part of their journey just as much as they are yours. 

So how can a roofing business use social media effectively? Many people perceive roofing as a business that cannot be made appealing to the average customer using social media. After all, how can you make roofs sound interesting? They are not like cats or dogs that appeal to the general community. However, given the right strategy, even a roofing business can have a large engaging following with profitable customers. Here are some ways you can solidify your social media strategy! 

Create Content That Is Valuable To Customers

Roofing businesses have so much they can write about but it is important your curate the content in a manner that provides value to your customer. Are they knowledgeable after reading your posts? Is it worth saving according to your customers? Will they enjoy scrolling through your tweets and videos? Understanding your targeted consumer is the first step of any content creation process. With understanding, we can create more valuable content. 

User-Generated Content 

User-generated content is so important to drive interaction and engagement with your customers. To grow your social media you need more interactions! With every customer your value through user-generated content, the more you are likely to build a loyal fan base

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Tutorials And Polls

Your social media posts must fit the theme of your business and as a roofing business, your posts need to be informative to your customers. And there are so many ways to be informative with the help of tutorials, guides, polls, quizzes, and even videos. 

Social media is not as easy as it used to be with hundreds of businesses competing for the attention of the customer. But it is not as complicated as we perceive to grow either. With a little hard work and strategizing, we can have a profitable social media following and engagement. 


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